RuheraumTry our 100 qm SPA with sauna and steam bath.

After a bath – refresh yourself with cold water from a tub.

For those who find the heat uncomfortable, we have a heated bench which gives the same results but in a slower process.

Let your body feel contrasts! Light effects and circulating showers will allow your body to experience and endure tropical wetness, thunders and the icy cold.

Have a bath for your feet! Try a foot bath.

After water procedures, you are invited to a quit area, where music with natural forest and river sounds will help you relax.

You will fall into a sleepy mood on a sunny meadow – sun - porch. Your body needs relaxation after procedures.

Please, don‘t forget to drink our famous mineral water as your body loses much liquid in the baths.

Opening hours

Daily from 4.00 pm till 8 pm in winter season

Fridays in summer or on demand

Children younger than 6 years are not allowed in the sausas area.